Part 23 – AKB0048

This episode is about AKB0048, but also the history of AKB48 and other themes in the anime.


Love Live Sunshine VLOG

My first impressions of Love Live Sunshine!!


Love Live Special

In honor of their final live this week, I pushed up the Love Live episode.


Part 7: Cho Kuse ni Narisou

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. Up every Wednesday! This episode focuses on Cho Kuse ni Narisou, a comedy from 1994. As well as the seiyuu boom in the 90’s.

Please someone out there finished subbing this series! It’s almost been 20 years!

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Part 4: Legendary Idol Eriko and Assemble Insert

I talk about Idol Densetsu Eriko and Assemble Insert with a bit on the late night ecchi Lemon Angel.

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Animation – Idol Densetsu Eriko Legend Blu-Ray Box (7BDS) [Japan LTD BD]

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Part 3: Magical Angel Creamy Mami

Part three is about Creamy Mami, the origins of the media mix and 80’s idol culture.

Buy links are here!
Creamy Mami DVD Set 1 (Eps #1-13)
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Set 2: Angel Box (Episodes 14-26)
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Set 3: Creamy Box
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Set 4: Mami Box


Part 2: Pink Lady and Sue Cat

Part two talks about the rise and fall of the idol duo Pink Lady and the one hit wonder origin of Sue Cat.

Buy Pink Lady …And Jeff DVD here! If you dare.


Part 1: Sasurai no Taiyou

In part one, I explain what this project is about, what it isn’t about, and go into the first idol anime, Sasurai no Taiyou aka Wandering Sun. I talk about how idol culture started in Japan and the people behind it.