Part 23 – AKB0048

This episode is about AKB0048, but also the history of AKB48 and other themes in the anime.


Part 16: The Idolm@ster OVA

The beginning of the still going franchise. The Im@s franchise will be tackled in several episodes, so this is a short history with the OVA. This way I don’t need to reapeat too much in later Idolm@ster episodes and can focus on things I haven’t covered yet, like the live show.

I’m thinking of doing an Idolm@ster panel at Otakon. Should I submit it?

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Part 12: Full Moon wo Sagashite

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. Part 12 is about Full Moon wo Sagashite and shojo idol anime. SUPPORT MY PATREON!

I needed this series. It really lifted my spirits in doing this series.