Idols have been apart of both Japanese music and animation history. Those two aspects worked together to bring hits like Love Live: School Idol Project, Idolm@ster and Creamy Mami. This genre of show is having a huge resurgence in the 2010’s. I want to educate others on the history of idols in anime and how it grew and changed with idol culture. Also, to introduce older and/or forgotten shows to a new audience.

The Idols of Anime is based on a live panel given

Viga is an artist, panelist and video creator. She has been doing panels on conventions for eights years at cons such as Otakon, Anime Central, Anime Boston, Anime USA, Connecticon and more. Viga was a featured panelist on Otakon 2015 and a guest at Mysticon 2014.

Her other video projects include Viga Loves Comics, a show about indie comics and a soon to be show Viga Draws! She also does various comics and art.


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