Part 16: The Idolm@ster OVA

The beginning of the still going franchise. The Im@s franchise will be tackled in several episodes, so this is a short history with the OVA. This way I don’t need to reapeat too much in later Idolm@ster episodes and can focus on things I haven’t covered yet, like the live show.

I’m thinking of doing an Idolm@ster panel at Otakon. Should I submit it?

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Chika Chika Idol Crowdfunding Begins

…and I am not so enthusiastic.


If you seen episode 15 about Kirarin Revolution, you heard my spiel on CG anime. Basically how, at the time, it was horrible. 2006 was a it too early to do it. Now we are ten years later and CG in TV anime is more common and better. Are we ready for an all CG anime again?

I have to give some credit, the promotional video is much better looking than ANY episode of Kirarin Revolution Stage-3. The dance portion was only okay and the animation of just them talking was…eh. But you do see effort.

But damn, when they talk it just look like they’re sticking they’re tongue out at you. ADD SOME TEETH!


The story is something to wonder about.

“The story of Chika Chika Idol will follow the everyday lives of Pâtithree, a group of “underground idols.” – ANN

“A strong story could make up for bad animation, but good animation can’t make up for a bad story”, is something I hear. But in a genre like idol anime, which is more about aesthetics, can that saying fit? The plot sounds thin and the style is choppy CG. It’s too early to fully judge it though.

Even if this ends up not being great, I still want to support a new project by a small studio. Chika Chika Idol is addressing a part of the idol culture that didn’t have a show about it yet. For now check out the webcomic, read the ANN article and maybe throw them some cash.

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