The B.B Explosion of Ancient Manga Podcasting


Between 2007 to 2010 I did an anime podcast called The Otagal. It was a solo project with love. It’s a time capsule, as I mention reading manga Borders and the beginning of Johnny Wander.

The episode is about B.B. Explosion, a manga about the Actors School in Okinawa. It even has Da Pump. What’s interesting is that The Okinawa Actors School and Da Pump are real. This idol manga is also like an advertisement for the school . I haven’t read it in a long time. I just wanted to share this piece of my fandom history with idol related things.

Feel free to make fun of my earliest fandom expression. I really grew when it came to talking about anime and manga. If I find this manga again, I’d like to review it with older eyes.



Part 15: Kirarin Revolution

Another long episode for a long anime. It still surprises me how good this was. This episode is all about Kirarin Revolution and a lot of Morning Musume.

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The Release Schedule

These are the tentative dates for the episode releases! Things may change based on achieving the Patreon goals of 3 episodes of month  (at $75) or 4 episodes a month (at $100) Other factors may be my big cross country move this August and convention season. Another factor would be any new idol show that comes out between now and November 2016 will be added.

Some episodes I put extra weeks between because they will take longer due to the amount of content like Pretty Rhythm, but I will try to lessen that time. Please follow my Twitter @Viga for announcements on any changes.

Kirarin Revolution – 2/17

IdolM@ster Live for You OVA and introduction – 3/2

Lil’ Pri – 3/16

Pretty Rhythm: All 3 series – 4/13

Uta no Prince Sama – 4/27

Idolm@ster 2011 – 5/11

Symphogear – 6/1

AKB0048 – 6/15

Koi-Ken – 6/29

Aikatsu: All seasons – 7/13

Kanon OVA and Wanna be the Strongest – 7/27

Love Live: SIP – 8/10

Wake up Girls and Miss Monochrome – 8/24

PriPara: All Seasons – 9/7

Locodol and Shonen Hollywood – 9/21

Exodus, Tsubudoll and Venus Project Climax – 10/5

IdolM@ster: Cinderella Girls – 10/19

Sekko Boys and Komugi-chan – 11/2

Love Live: Sunshine and King of Prism – 11/16

(Finale) Million Doll – 11/30