Lets Komugication Blog 1

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No, I don’t want to Komugication! I thought we were done with you! We left you in the deep recesses that was last decade! No one remembers Soultaker or even your Nurse Witch Pretty Sammy Sailor Moon Supaaah OVA!

At least the first performance is as cute as it can be. It was a dream…of course. Then this is followed by the straight up, by the book, magical girl first episode. She has a great family, great life, is constantly late for school and a perfect best friend. The added thing is being an idol, but on a smaller scale.

At the halfway point she becomes a magical girl after saving the Luna equivalent and them saving her from a cockroach. Yup. A pivotal decision was made thanks for bugs. There’s a little bit of the spoof bits with the narration describing the transformation, but there isn’t much. The Komugi OVA was a spoof series and a weird one too, so this played by the book maho shojo template is disappointing. Especially so in a world where we’ve seen in transformed, subverted and even done away with.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.57.46 PM
Apparently this is among other references to Tatsunoko stuff. I’m not sure.

This is why in the blog post How Long Will This Idol Train Last I wrote “Now we have stragglers whipping up less than quality idol anime to get in on trend. I’m looking at you Venus Project.” Now I’m looking at you Komugi. With Tatsunoko jumping on the idol trend with this product, the end is nigh.

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