Sekko Blog 1

“A Visceral Allegory of Seven Years of My Artistic Life”

The title of this episode made me fall in love with the first episode. I known art students that said that in artist statements. In fact the reason this first episode appeals to me is because of the woes of an art student. Especially one who has to start drawing things they don’t want to.


Usually, this is the case and it consists of models, landscapes, and objects. What kind of art school only has sculptures to draw? What school did she go to? She is Miki Ishimoto, hardened by the art student world and now sees another type of art.

She isn’t wrong in her speech about performance art, even in show business is art. But then she meets the idols she will be managing and she’s in the school of hard knocks!

Of course! You saw this coming from a mile away! “Sekko!” The agency prefers to represent non-humans. The Sekko Boys have profiles “set in stone” and “firm morals.”

Each one fits that certain mold of a male idol or just bishie anime character. Medici would be drawn as the shortest and cutest one, or Hermes would be the one with glasses, if this was a conventional male idol show. Their “chiseled” good looks would take them far.

The real test of this show is: how long until the novelty wears off. The sculpture hating manager and the sculpture idols already seem to run it’s course already. The joke for the series is that fact that they’re “sekko.” Give me more than that, but at least this isn’t a rocky start.

I could have been worse with these puns you know.

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