Part 9: Perfect Blue

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. This part is about the Satoshi Kon film, Perfect Blue. Buy the DVD here: Perfect Blue


One thought on “Part 9: Perfect Blue

  1. Great job!

    But, maybe I interpreted it wrong, but I’m pretty sure ME-MANIA is actually receiving E-mails from the “real” Mima (Rumi), and he’s such a hardcore fanboy that he believes that it’s actually Mima talking to him and telling him to do things, so he does so, ’cause he’s such a hardcore otaku. I was convinced Rumi was writing the blog. After all, Rumi is the only person who knew everything she did that well. She even wrote something in the blog word for word that only she had heard on the set of the film they were shooting.

    But your insight and weaving this title into your project was well done and fits solidly. Keep going!


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