Internet Spotlight: The Idols Of Anime

Cools! I was spotlighted! Thanks!

BW Media Spotlight

The Idols Of Anime

Here in America when you think of  “idols” in music we think of shows like American Idol, a talent show that brought the talent TV show back to television from the days of The Gong Show and Star Search. In Japan “idols” in music refer to musicians, usually female, that have captured the hearts of Japanese youth. There are even anime about singers rising to “idol” status. Kind of like Jem meets Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show, only usually less holograms and only the occasional rival willing to commit insane murder attempts. But the unusual hair colors are still the same.

Viga, host of Viga Loves Comics and a friend of mine from ConnectiCon and the internet, hosted a panel at the 2015 ConnectiCon about idol anime and is now doing a series of videos on The Idols Of Anime. Here are the first three…

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